7 Steps to Mobilize for a Safe & Productive Return to Work

Insights from business leaders at Dow, AT&T, Atrium Health and more

87% of enterprises we surveyed are experiencing productivity disruption. As yours returns to work, can you reverse that trend while ensuring worker safety?

99% of companies need a return to productivity in the next few months

Leaders from large enterprises are solving the challenge by getting critical messages to their workforce and measuring compliance. View our interactive guide to find out how they:

  • Get personalized safety information to the right employees at the right time
  • Manage an environment of constant change with real-time communications
  • Build a source of truth and trust for workers with a continuous feedback loop
  • Measure workforce response to initiatives to ensure they are implemented

Guidance from change management experts

Six industry executives share how they’re communicating and managing return-to-work issues around safety, HR policy and workflow/schedules.

Christine Miller

Director of Employee Engagement & Reputation, North American Public Affairs, Dow

Chris Berger

VP of Enterprise Communications, Atrium Health

Nolan Carleton

Associate Director, Communications: Social Engagement, AT&T

Julie Scott

Senior Director of Public Relations, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Brett Lutz

VP of Global Communications, ADM

Kelsey Graziano

Senior Director of Communications, PVH

Karen Brodbeck

VP Brand Management, OSF HealthCare

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